dimanche 11 octobre 2009

Discosoul Cargo - Volume1

1) Tony Pacino: Love Me More
2) Tony Valor Orchestra: We Belong Together
3) Tony Joe White: Soulful Eyes
4) Major Lance: You're Everything I Need
5) Andy Williams: Can´t Take My Eyes Off You
6) Biddu orchestra: Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon
7) Dr. Hook: When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (12'')
8) Bill Cosby: A Simple Love Affair
9) Danny Williams: Dancing Easy
10) Frankie Valli: Swearin' To God (12'')
11) Jim Gilstrap: Swing Your Daddy ( 12'')
12) Lou rawls: You'll Never Find (long version)
13) Bob martin: tu peux chercher (cover lou rawls-you'll never find)
14) jesse green: nice and slow (12'')
15) Sonia: Laisse un slow (cover jesse green-nice and slow)