mardi 8 mai 2012

philly devotions meet the creations

Philly sweet soul.....and it doesn't get much rarer!!!!!

By William Blackshear "Record Vault"

This review is from: philly devotions meet the creations (Audio CD)
Vinyl sourced!!! Need I say more? Few copies remain! If in possession, a coup acheived! When gone, this is not a cd that one is going to locate too easy, and access sources are 'bout dry! To release these tracks from two of Philly's very obscure vocal groups, confirms a level about those in possession! Serious, serious...., as record collectors, earn the Mr. title! This is very rare stuff! Different labels involved here, won't delve into that. Some of the "Philly Devotions" songs have appeared on a couple Philly soul compilations. The "Creations", on the other hand, well that's a different story. A great blend of East coast early 70s sweet soul falsetto lead harmony, along with deep voiced harmonies, courtesy Philly. Mellow this is! Obtaining the records of the "Philly Devotions" and the "Creations" represented a slow, drawn-out process for those who did. Songs 1-12 are the work of the "Philly Devotions" whereas 13-23 focuses on the work of the "Creations". Extremely rare Philly groups. Obtaining the music of the Delfonics, the Stylistics, the Spinners (Philly years), etc., etc., etc., is one thing. Obtaining the music on these two groups is another. This cd "floats" around! The rule when observed for sale by those in the know? Hands grabbed faster than the speed of Ali's jab, circa '63! Numerous, very rare titles fuel the cd, "Didn't Anyone Ever Tell You", I Was A Lonely Man", "You Make Me Feel So Good", and on.... If Philly sweet soul is one of one's musical taste, will be very fortunate to secure this cd into the "rare' Philly groups section in the home music portfolio. When gone, unless the boys "go again", here today, gone tomorrow will be it's story! Very rare Philly soul, 5 stars!

big THANKS Eric H for this CD

encore une très belle pièce , merci Eric H pour la contribution au blog
c'est vraiment sympa de ta part


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