vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Danny Williams - dancing easy and instrumental version

Danny Williams - dancing easy
Danny Williams - dancing easy (instrumental version)

Use specialized software like Vocal Remover

Using the principle of phase, some software can remove a voice or an instrument when they are at the center of the stereo space. It sometimes works well but the thing will often be completely ineffective because, in many cases, sound engineers use a reverb or delay on the voice that spreads across the stereo field: suddenly, even removing the voice is at the center, you can still hear the reverb sound ghost sides. What software to use? All serious audio editors (. Sound Forge, Audition, etc.) have presets or tools to do this kind of manipulation, but we can also go to the side of the plug-ins:

Elevayta Extra Boy (PC)
Quick Quack MashTactic (PC / Mac)
Vocalzap (PC / Mac / iOS)
Vox Reducer (Mac)

the instrumental version does not exist
removing just the voice
the idea just to mix

mix here

version instrumental here

 very beautiful mix
and wonderful selection


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  1. Salut,

    Et oui les mix disco sleaze sont toujours agréables à écouter...
    je recommande aussi les précédents volumes!!!

    merci pour la qualité des posts

  2. vrai que toute le série disco sleaze est superbe ainsi que le choix des titres sont très bon a écouter merci dav81 pour le com