lundi 25 novembre 2013

Mark Radice ‎– Intense

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post by Alex Missry aka DJ Misery1

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8 commentaires:

  1. no thanks for this lp from me , because i have since many years this lp and you break my trades i prefere you post lp's i don't have and this is my blog '''' good continuations and pls try to post lp's i don't have , i removed cover of mark radice because you break my trades

  2. we do not break them your business
    we lp and cd from our own collection
    a collector listening to mp3 or cd lp and if he likes he will buy
    I still buy vinyl that I found on blogs
    before saying break the business... reflect
    and if you came here was that you download too??

    1. yes off course i downloading some lp's from your blog but not so much since 2 years maybe 2 or max 3 albums and for your info your mark radice'' it's incomplete good days thx

  3. for info my blog it's only exchange of rare ripps !!! not exchange vynil and i send you my link for A2 of mark radice 77 lp complete your album