vendredi 15 avril 2011

remix - Alex Missry aka DJ Misery1 (first part )

First Choice – Guilty ( remixed DJ misery1) 07:00 (great remix)

The Invitations - Look On The Good Side ( remixed DJ misery1) 06:40 (fabulous wonderfull remix)

The Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Time ( remixed DJ misery1) 05:17 (killer remix)

The Modulations – It's Rough Out Here 08:09 (remixed DJ misery1) very good

Attention ears, here is a first part of remix which for me is really very well made. All the remix is in mind of seventy (period). About pieces are of a duration of three minutes, has the origin, and is remixed with a duration of six has seven minutes.
Be nice to make your impression on mixes it always makes pleasure .

Discosoul Cargo

Alex Missry
Cyberkidz International
45 Knightsbridge Road
Suite #13
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Tel. (732) 885-1350
Fax (732) 885-1424

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