dimanche 14 août 2011

Swing,rock,Boogie - selected by Discosoulcargo

Anni Anderson & Maurice Dean – The Must Of The 50's (12'')
Bob Beckham - mais oui
Georges Maharis - All Right Okay You Win
Jerry Jaye - My Girl Josephine
Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole lotta shakin' goin' on (Mastermix extended)
Joe Turner And His Blues Kings - Flip Flop And Fly
LaVerne Baker - Jim Daddy
Lenny Dee - Plantation Boogie
Les Candido - Harmonica Boogie
Louis Jordan - Caldonia
Louis Prima - Sing Sing Sing
Pee Wee King - Sugar Beat
Perez Prado - Guaglione
Prince Georges - Walkin
Ray Coniff - Boggie
Renato Carosone - Tu Vuò Fa L'Americano
Sam Butera - Bim Bim Bam Bam
Sandy Nelson - Le't There Be Drums
Sarah Hetower - Beguine The Beguine
Savio Bellini - Se Mai (smile )
Trini Lopez -Smile

you heat the dance floor with this select oldies
Selected By Discosoulcargo

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